Activewear designed to last

Comfortable, durable, apparel for any activity.

Has your activewear ever let you down?

• Cheap materials

• Boring design

• Doesn't last

• Not in trend

• Overpriced and undervalued

Kamili apparel was crafted to give you the perfect fit for the perfect price.
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How it Works

Step 1 - We test it

Our fabrics are tested to verify quality and durability.

Step 2- We make it

Once inspection is passed, our apparel is crafted.

Step 3 - We Ship it

Once your order is placed, it is fulfilled by our team at Goodwill.

Step 4 - You love it

Experience amazing quality, no matter the activity. 

All our products are responsibly sourced.

We promise to always guarantee that our products remain responsibly, and ethically, sourced. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, your order will be 100% refunded. Terms and Conditions Apply

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"I absolutely love the cherry red yoga pants and the sports bra!"   -Hannah S. (Bent 9 Yoga)

"These are the most comfortable pants I own. They can be dressed up or down. Thoroughly impressed."

-Ciara M.

"The fit is amazing! It gives the right amount of lift while allowing free movement! These are my absolute favorite leggings in my collection.

-Courtney H.

Why Us?

At Kamili, we know that you are the kind of person who wants to live life to the fullest. In order to do that, your apparel must endure through your journey. The problem is that when your activewear falls apart shortly after your purchase, it leaves you feeling disappointed. That’s why all of our products are rigorously tested to ensure durability, comfort, and longevity.  Place your order today so that you can stop wasting money on activewear that won’t last and continue living life actively.

Shipping with love

Goodwill Fulfillment

Our inventory is housed at the Southwest Michigan Goodwill Center. Each order is shipped with love, and attention to detail, ensuring the highest customer service experience. By purchasing through our website, you help create jobs for veterans, and disabled/disadvantaged individuals

Goodwill Southwest Michigan

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