At Kamili, our mission is clear: We want to give you quality, affordable, activewear that compliments your workout, and makes you look your best. We are passionate about health and fitness and wish to encourage you to start, and improve, your fitness routine. This, in turn, will lead to an increased quality of life. It is this dedication that we hope will create positive change not just to our customers, but throughout the world.  

Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Kamili was founded by a group of tech and exercise enthusiasts who wanted to make a difference to people’s health and fitness. Originally, Kamili began by marketing a patent-pending reusable headphone protector but has since branched further into the fields of women and men’s activewear after noticing many people settling for poorer quality products that do not add value to their lives.

Kamili sets itself apart by using innovative technology and design to bring you affordable, durable, stylish clothing that is unbelievably comfortable. From insulating yet breathable men’s winter joggers to a range of tailored, supportive yoga apparel, Kamili has something for everyone. We understand that the market is always changing, which allows us to take a proactive, and flexible approach, which will ensure that we are one step ahead of the curve at all times.

Not only do we care about your health, but we also promote ethical business practice at the same time. We abide by the SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) which includes labor standards, health & safety, environment, and business ethics. Our materials are ethically sourced and produced. We are always working to build and sustain local business partnerships. In addition, every Kamili purchase helps us allocate a portion of our proceeds that helps create jobs, and educational opportunities, for disabled and disadvantaged individuals through Goodwill Southwest Michigan's product fulfillment center. 

Every Kamili customer should feel valued, happy, and ready to embark on a journey that will lead to a more enjoyable life. We guarantee strong, long lasting activewear apparel that will stand the test of time and give you the best possible support on your wellness journey.

Our Core Values: Honesty, Discipline, Integrity, Passion, Flexibility, Perseverance, & Loyalty.

Kamili Ideologies:  

  • Combine engineering and perseverance to create innovative products.
  • Utilize our passion for health and wellness to influence change throughout the world.
  • Remain flexible to accommodate changes/improvements in the market.
  • Consistently inspire strength and unity.