Energy Monitoring

The goal of getting healthier is a goal to give you more energy and happiness. Monitoring your energy, by writing down on a scale of 1-10 how much energy you have, is an important first step. It gives you a baseline for improvement, helps you identify activities that take a lot of your energy, and shows you if the changes you make are having a positive impact on your life. All of these will help you switch and stick to healthy changes in your life.

To start all you need to do is set up a place to collect your ratings and set a 4 hour timer on your phone. Assess how much energy you have, if you’ve worked out, eaten, slept, or socialized since your last reading. Optionally, if you have time fill out notes, but it’s not required. 


Do this for 1 week and then look back at the data for trends of when your energy is the highest and why it might be changing from day to day. Treat your health like a scientist: create a hypothesis, test it, and then record the data. Repeat this process enough and you will improve your health.



By: Jacob Haugen 

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